Christmas Table Runner Scandinavian Accent

Patchwork Mountain

Christmas Table Runner
15.5" x 47"

This table runner has Christmas fabrics sewn into wedges. Mainly gray and red fabrics make this table runner perfect to go with your Holiday decor. This runner uses fabric that has a Scandinavian accent. A great piece to give as a gift.

This table runner is 15.5" x 47". The fabric is made with 100% cotton. Warm and Natural from Warm Company was used for the batting. I used a cotton thread and quilted a variety of stitches throughout the table runner. The binding was machine stitched to the front and then hand stitched to the back to finish.

To care for this quilt machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water, then air dry or tumble dry on low heat.

Thank you for viewing this handcrafted table runner.

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